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BPO Opening and Vacancy List in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the five largest Indian cities. Previously one-story, this city was transformed and became the center of state culture, significantly overtaking the capital. Science and education are extremely well developed. In addition, the city occupies a leading position and from a commercial point of view - the abundance of shopping complexes and modern residential complexes of several dozen floors proves the high level of development of local infrastructure. The largest BPO recruitment organization in the city is BPO jobs in Ahmedabad. On the official page on the Facebook social network, it is easy to find basic information about it, as well as a phone number for communication. The activities of the company focuses exclusively on the domestic market. Actual vacancies at the moment are mainly employment contracts for a period of 1 to 7 years on average. In the field of BPO, this company is an absolute monopolist in the city, so it is unlikely to be possible to take a vacancy from another employer. Despite this, there is no shortage of free places in Ahmedabad - there are many actual offers from BPO jobs in Ahmedabad, they are varied and are regularly updated.

How to get bpo job in Ahmedabad?

As a rule, employers require potential employees:

  • 1. Possession of good interpersonal skills;
  • 2. Willingness to daily report on their activities;
  • 3. Fluency in English or Hindi at a conversational level;
  • 4. A diploma of higher education in this field, ideally work experience in the specialty for several years.

  • Many posts at Ahmedabad are paid in accordance with industry standards. This value can change quite often depending on various factors. But if you look at the fixed-wage offers, you can understand that on average, a BPO employee in Ahmedabad receives from 3 to 8 lakh per year, which equals 300-800 thousand Indian rupees. In terms of a month, approximately 25 to 65 Indian rupees are issued.

    Skills you need to work in BPO call centre:

    Classical requirements and skills that may be required in order to get BPO Jobs in Ahmedabad.

    Knowledge of the foreign market will greatly facilitate a job search; programming skills will also be an advantage over other job applicants. In addition, hard work, enthusiasm and the ability to take on a certain responsibility will make the work much more productive and enjoyable.