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Classical requirements and skills that may be required in order to get call center jobs in Chandigarh.

The city of Chandigarh is at first glance an ordinary settlement in the northern part of India. However, it has a unique feature - it is controlled directly from New Delhi, while being the capital of two Indian states at the same time. Otherwise, there is nothing unusual in Chandigarh, except, perhaps, for the millionth population, which, however, is not so rare for India. Chandigarh - a city of dozens of nationalities, managed to unite them all under one roof, and very successfully. The economy in this city, or rather even the urban agglomeration, is well developed. According to the Office of Economics and Statistics of India, Chandigarh has the highest average income per citizen - almost 1 lakh per month (99.262 Indian rupees, if not rounded up). There are not many free places to work in call centers of the city, however, the conditions under which they are recruiting employees are extremely good. Here are some proven companies that always have at least a couple of job openings in call centers: TATA Capital, KVC Consultants Ltd, Teleperformance DIBS and KVC Consultants Ltd. As a rule, interviews take place by telephone. Most employers are ready to train candidates remotely, explain in detail to them the essence and subtleties of their future activities.

How to get call center job in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh really appreciates young professionals. The younger the candidate, the more likely he is to please the employer and get the coveted position. The relation to the amount of experience is appropriate here - everyone can get a chance, even if the record of employment in this call center becomes the first in the workbook of yesterday’s student. However, there are strict requirements, without which a position in the Chandigarh call center cannot be obtained:

1. Excellent interpersonal skills;
2. English language skills at the native level;
3. The ability to understand Hindi speech and build simple sentences;
4. High level of computer literacy.

The salary is formed depending on the skills and experience of the employee and usually ranges from 30 to 60 thousand Indian rupees (average employment).

Skills you need to work in call centre:

To successfully work at Chandigarh, you must be prepared to provide excellent customer service in a friendly and polite manner at any time, comply with the main principles of quality, be able to quickly make decisions and respond to unforeseen situations, as well as provide prompt consideration of issues and immediate resolution of all problems.